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The London Journal of Tourism, Sport and Creative Industries The London Journal of Tourism, Sport and Creative Industries

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Scope of the Journal

London is one of the world’s most heterogeneous and cosmopolitan cities.  It is a quintessential ‘global city’ located at the interface of manifold networks, flows and motilities.  The London Journal of Tourism, Sport and Creative Industries (LJTSCI) seeks to publish articles on a variety of related topics which encapsulates this diversity and the nature of its local-global intersections. 

The subject area delivered at London Metropolitan University has a history of high quality research into anthropological/developmental studies and policy analysis.  It is from these platforms that the journal aims to be a meeting place for research and discussion on a wealth of topics that should appeal to scholars, practitioners, policy makers and general readers.  These articles can include research, works-in progress, case studies, developments in theory, book reviews and general reviews that contributes to the development of the subject field.

The journal addresses a broad subject field, while under the banner of Tourism, Sport and the Creative Industries it also includes, but is not restricted to, events, the Arts – including music and dance, heritage, hospitality, advertising & communications, music media & entertainment.  We encourage submissions relating to these topics from a wide variety of perspectives; such as all areas of anthropology, management, economics, politics, history, sociology, psychology, cultural studies and marketing.  The contexts of these research papers is also broad in scope covering relevant research form public, commercial and third sector organisations and settings.

Journal Objectives